VERNISSAGE: Freitag 11. Mai 2012




23 April bis 22 Mai 2012

In preparation for its upcoming Grand Tour, CIVIC VIRTUE will set up an Office of Propaganda at Hinterconti. The office will be dedicated to the strategic organization of visual, textual and ideological material for CIVIC VIRTUE and its Grand Tour, starting this fall.
Propaganda is the art of persuasion. CIVIC VIRTUE wants to persuade Europe to retrieve its history for the service of radical virtue. By way of a Grand Tour, CIVIC VIRTUE pays homage to famous landmarks whose ideologies however have been forgotten, so as to recuperate our forgotten futures.

The question at hand concerns the relationship between visual material and content. As stated in CIVIC VIRTUE’s manifesto, aesthetics is the tool with which to draw a map of the world, propaganda the method of perception. Pictures are a synthetic propaganda a priori: the art of directing our eyes before we see.

And so an Office of Propaganda will be set up at Hinterconti. The office will be open for the duration of the residency. Dates of events to be posted.




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