Victor Mateos *29.11.2013



Actions have reactions, that
cause developments, which
can constantly evolve.

I focus all my work in human behavior. How we are, what we do, why we do it, the choices we make.
I think we are like pigeons, not necessarily the most loved animal.
These shapes or silhouettes, are the result of my adjustment to an incident with someone I did not ever even meet. The choice of this person to destroy my work, instead of destroying open to me new ideas and ways, that today have a result and create (not destroy) my show.
Phil & Víctor, hearts and falling angels make my show.

The window heart was the work who suffered the first transformation due to someone’s ignorance.
Phil & Víctor was the beginning of fallen angels.

Falling angels is a collaboration with Staatstheater-Mainz. Every silhouette represent each of the dancers at Mainz Staatstheater. For this I lay the dancers in paper, drew their silhouettes and fill them in with the „info“ I received from each of the dancers. After the ballet program was finished I nailed in a wooden fence in Mainz city center for four days and nights.
Life are choices. I choose love and brains. The rest will not fit in my luggage.

Víctor Mateos.



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