68 Square Metres present:
Astrid Myntekjær, David Stjernholm and Jacob Jessen

Eröffnung: 5. September 17 Uhr
Geöffnet:: 6. und 7. September

68 Square Metres is proud to present works by Danish Artists Astrid Myntekjær, David Stjernholm and Jacob Jessen at Hinterconti

The exhibition presents a series of work, which examine how we perceptually respond to artificial sensory experiences and interruptions in physical space.

Our perception remains open to all sorts of simulations, stemming from either organic or natural elements, or as the result of totally artificial and technological constructs. Our sense organs do not distinguish between that which is an artificial construct and that which is an original natural phenomenon. We may romanticize the original and natural as though there might be less joy, wonder, and sensational experience in a constructed reality – simply because it is a construct of human intervention, manipulation and technology. What is it about this idea of a simulated reality, which fundamentally disturbs us? Is it a fundamental concern or anxiety about the potential of the artificial to become indistinguishable from a ‘true’ reality? Through different approaches the artists have worked with various mediums to try to activate our sensory and perceptually registers, using aesthetic and conceptual languages to question our definitions of what we experience as artificial.

Our abstract levels of perception are activated through the virtual presence of the works, yet the representation of the human form remains absent from them. Instead technological interventions and human constructions are in focus; the technology and edifices of the human race have surrounded it and become the mediums through which our sense perceptions are investigated by the artists.




This Exhibition is part of the City-Link Festival, for further Information please visit:




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