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Presented by Chardonnay Emerald & Stefan Mildenberger

Join us to celebrate a night of resistance & resurrection

Best version of „I will survive“ wins a feather of an actual phoenix or a tattoo of said feather

OPEN CALL for finished or unfinished videos or performances (max 15 min)
Send your Video and Performance Proposal to:

„I was also bequeathed the one thing that runs strongest in my family: a strong urge to destroy oneself. The phoenix that has to rise because life has turned to ashes. My life has ashed itself numerous times, more times than I can count. But goddamn, all those ashes built a beast. I know I am not alone in this life ashing thing. So many of us seem to have this preternatural ability to rise because we have no other choice. It’s something that fascinates me about the human spirit. I think our rising is the bravest thing we can do, and I don’t think people give themselves enough credit for it. How many times have we been told we’d be nothing? But we are not nothing, we are phoenixes and we rise. All it takes is some bravery. Turning our lives around is the bravest thing we can do. One step at a time, first we walk, then we run.“


Samstag, 2. Februar 2019 von 19:00 bis 02:00


Marktstraße 40a
20357 Hamburg

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