CONCRETE GENERATION // Sungeun Claire Choi // Wonek Lee // 25.-27.08.2023






Sungeun Claire Choi

Wonek Lee




26. AUGUST 12-18 UHR

27. AUGUST 12-18 UHR


Balduinstraße 24

20359 Hamburg

The densely built high-rise apartment buildings form a mountain range like a mountain range with trees, creating a landscape of Seoul.

The people live in a variety of apartment complexes built their own communities as if they were excluding others, and the rapidly rising apartment prices presented a sense of deprivation to those who do not belong to them. The apartment soon became a symbol of wealth, and large and small conflicts arose throughout society.

The concentration of time in Seoul seemed to be denser than other parts of the country, and in order to live in the fast-paced time, the people of the current generation seemed to harden their emotions like the concrete of an apartment building and make them dull.

This spatial installation, which is composed of objects and videos, shows the generation of the time who live fiercely in a fast-changing time, their feelings of being uncared for, and the adjustments caused by rapid urban development.

@sclairechoi @lwonek

Gefördert von der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg







Katharina Kohl: ZWEIFEL 

Eröffnung am Freitag, den 1. September um 19 Uhr

Ausstellung Samstag und Sonntag, 2. und 3.9. von 15-19 Uhr

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